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bubbies Rough characters from “A Fish Story”.

Poison Poisson

Poison Poisson

Bubbles’ Revenge


My friend Beppe suggested he was reading “Moby Dick”. I like that.

2.12 Also…I came upon an illustrator quite by accident, I’d not heard of or seen before. I think he’s amazing. His caricatures are beyond compare, really fun & beautifully done. Check him out…Wouter Tulp.

Bermuda Shorts II

Bermuda the brainiac.

I have a fond childhood memory. Along with the mosquito spray truck that came up our street in the northeastern burbs I grew up, the Mister Softee ice cream truck playing it’s familiar jingle. Now it seems just like everything else Mister Softee’s gone global…Mister Softee China.

Vis Dev A Fish Story

Above is a vis dev story beat for A Fish Story. For those of you not familiar with the terminology “vis dev” is short for visual development. A “story beat” is an important part of the story…one that “drives the characters”.  These are all terms in “previs” which is short for pre-visualization.

My daughter said the drawing reminded her of the “original Cinderella story. You know, the Chinese folktale?” I never heard of this.


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