Allen's Zoo



Sketchbook fun.


cold copy

It was.


bubbies Rough characters from “A Fish Story”.

At the Market


Take it Easy

TakeitEasyHe was takin’ it easy.



Again I was drawing passerby from my usual picture window at the cafe yesterday.


May 9, 2013, 4:26 pm
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Shopper by 9567
Shopper, a photo by 9567 on Flickr.
Also…I keep forgetting to wish a Happy Mothers Day.

Ugly…Cafe Seens
Ugly…Cafe Seens by 9567
Ugly…Cafe Seens, a photo by 9567 on Flickr.

RIP Van Winkle
October 28, 2012, 7:26 pm
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RIP Van Winkle by 9567
RIP Van Winkle, a photo by 9567 on Flickr.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Also…this just in. Friend, fellow blogger and gifted portrait photographer Kim Ayres has just posted his third annual pumpkin carving post. It’s well worth the visit to see his pumpkin carving not to mention his photography.

Here’s something I just happened upon for those animation fans out there. An interview with the legendary Andreas Deja.

At the Art Sale…It’s Crowded
At the Art Sale...It's Crowded by 9567
At the Art Sale…It’s Crowded, a photo by 9567 on Flickr.

I realized I haven’t posted for some time. I wanted to let people know I’m alright despite the necessity of my energy being directed to less than positive things.

Anyway above is a drawing from a moment I was able to get away and do what I love to do.


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