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A Moment of Drama
October 21, 2012, 6:12 pm
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A Moment of Drama by 9567
A Moment of Drama, a photo by 9567 on Flickr.

I took this photo yesterday about prime time, meaning prime time light, what little there was. People were having family picnics on benches just in front of me. They seemed oblivious or at least uninterested in the show the sky was putting on.

Last night I woke just before midnight. I lay in bed around ten minutes before I felt a motion. I thought “Is this one of those moments I’m feeling involuntary body movement?” The movement pretty quickly became pronounced. Although not very strong it was strong enough and lasted at least a minute or two. When done I looked at the clock next to my bed. It was 11:55pm. This earthquake could be called the Halloween earthquake…unless of course we have another before then.

When I woke I remembered dreaming of a tsunami. I then remembered reading an article about dreams. A theory that the significance dreams had was a survival mechanism in a sense to warn us of danger. Guess a tsunami could happen although I don’t know if there’s a danger of a tsunami this particular time. I think I’ll avoid walking too close to the shoreline though.

Space Travel…Close Encounters
December 29, 2011, 11:33 pm
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DreamPage…How I start my day
November 25, 2011, 11:35 pm
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Little Nemo in Slumberland

Morning Coffee, Dreams and Yakuza

In the morning one of the first things I do is grab my sketchbook, subsequently dream/s from the previous night are often what show up in my sketchbook. I felt my daughter, who was in one of the dreams, would find it interesting to see this. She laughed and asked who the fun character was. She said, “Is he like a Japanese gangster of some sort?” She also said she, “Felt secure in the fact that I will never become a chain smoker.” I’m sure. It’s cut off and so not clear but in the dream it was her coworker who was the chain smoker. If you like click on the image to see an enlargement.


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