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Tourist Season: Drawings from the Big Rodeo


Drawings I did around town some time ago.

Also…I meant to say. Happy Easter.


starbuck Found myself sketching people at a familiar place yesterday.


cold copy

It was.

The Court

gbp copy

Frequenting a court between stores, restaurants, and cafes, the place takes on a world of its own. I’ve been sketching here for quite a long time. Long enough to know it has its courtiers, kings, queens, and jesters. Dogs have a special ascendance. They’re lavished with particular affection.

I often see the same people. The man above looked like he was visiting. The logo of the football team on his sweatshirt was an indicator.

I forgot to mention…in keeping with that great Thanksgiving tradition of football games too, I’d like to wish everyone a happy holiday.

After my observations I noted in the first paragraph above I became interested…so when I ran into this DVD in the library I had to watch it. It turned out to be a very good Nova documentary called Decoding Dogs/ Understanding The Human-Dog Relationship. It confirmed dogs are really wolves that have aggressive tendencies breed out. It cites an example in Russia of just how easily this is done after a few generations of selective breeding. Noting also fear is the impetus of aggression.

An anthropologist in the documentary uses the cuckoo bird relationship as an analogy to our relationship to a dog where the cuckoo bird kicks out the real baby bird from the nest. When a puppy dog is brought home for being cute and fun we essentially receive nothing from the dog and it replaces our interactions with human beings.

The documentary showed how attuned the dog is to its owner. The dog owners on the documentary unanimously agree their dogs are smart. Many affirm their dog’s ability to read their owners feelings. I’ve heard owners say how smart their dog is by it’s instinctual observations of people. Considering what is said here, it’s simply reacting to the owners unwitting queue and reacting to them.



I was in town watching people and drawing in my sketchbook when I realized I needed spellcheck.

Had a chance to get outside today

CompulsivelySo I did…

Take it Easy

TakeitEasyHe was takin’ it easy.

Ugly…Cafe Seens
Ugly…Cafe Seens by 9567
Ugly…Cafe Seens, a photo by 9567 on Flickr.

St Patrick’s Day
St Patrick's Day by 9567
St Patrick’s Day, a photo by 9567 on Flickr.

Sketching passerbys from a picture window at Starbucks in center city. I’d forgotten how crazy people could be when given a reason. I saw someone literally lying in he gutter.

Cafe sketching…Tales from the Dark Side
Cafe sketching...Tales from the Dark Side by 9567
Cafe sketching…Tales from the Dark Side, a photo by 9567 on Flickr.

Yes I’m still alive should anyone have wondered why I hadn’t posted for so long. I may have mentioned, I’ve always been a people watcher as long as I can remember. So it was a natural evolution to sketch people in their surroundings. Lately I’ve had more of an opportunity to draw people from life.

I only really began drawing people in their surroundings, not posing in a room full of people to draw or paint, since graduating from Art Center College. I found I prefer it. Although I should say drawing from a posing model, clothed and unclothed, was a valuable ingredient in my education.

Since cafe sketching, I’ve had some interesting communication with people who were hyper aware. But mostly it’s an art of “taking a mental snapshot”, as was the case of the sketch of the intense gentleman above and the subject was none the wiser.


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