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Tourist Season: Drawings from the Big Rodeo


Drawings I did around town some time ago.

Also…I meant to say. Happy Easter.


starbuck Found myself sketching people at a familiar place yesterday.


cold copy

It was.



I was in town watching people and drawing in my sketchbook when I realized I needed spellcheck.

At the Market




Again I was drawing passerby from my usual picture window at the cafe yesterday.


Ugly…Cafe Seens
Ugly…Cafe Seens by 9567
Ugly…Cafe Seens, a photo by 9567 on Flickr.

Downtown by 9567
Downtown, a photo by 9567 on Flickr.

Took a moment for city sketching…

November 19, 2012, 6:49 pm
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Capoccinno by 9567
Capoccinno, a photo by 9567 on Flickr.

Some unusually interesting folks out grocery shopping yesterday.

I meant to say…Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

At the Art Sale…It’s Crowded
At the Art Sale...It's Crowded by 9567
At the Art Sale…It’s Crowded, a photo by 9567 on Flickr.

I realized I haven’t posted for some time. I wanted to let people know I’m alright despite the necessity of my energy being directed to less than positive things.

Anyway above is a drawing from a moment I was able to get away and do what I love to do.


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