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El Matador

My daughter and I drove up the coast highway to El Matador, my favorite place in California. I had to paint this dramatic view above a huge rock overlooking the Pacific.

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hi Allen, long time no see! thanks for the nice comments on the blog. Hope you’ve been doing well..your new guoache studies look great!

Comment by josh

One of the things I appreciate most in artwork is mood and feeling. I hold that up more so than draftsmanship or technique because it’s the one area in drawing and painting that is the toughest to teach. You either have something to say, or you don’t.Your work is full of mood and feeling. I love it. Good on ya Allen!

Comment by Marcelo Vignali

hey allen! I love your work!

Comment by Bobby Pontillas

Thanks everyone for your great feedback!

Comment by Allen Capoferri

Beautiful stuff Allen, I really enjoy your qouache sketches…powerful stuff.

Comment by Jared Shear

Nice boards, beautiful paintings!

Comment by Marcos Mateu

Hi,Allen!I try!I am glad,that i blog has liked you!Gracias por las buenas palabras!!Elena.Moscow!

Comment by Lena

Gracias por las buenas palabras!I try!!Thanks!Lena!

Comment by Lena

Hi,Allen!How are you doing?I likedyour spainting!Your figures are similar to music!Good-bye!!Lena.

Comment by Lena

Thank you Adriano!

Comment by Allen Capoferri

Hi Everett, thank you!

Comment by Allen Capoferri

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