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September 11, 2008, 3:04 pm
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Something I loved doing but stopped, in some ways due to sun & extreme heat of this summer and restrictions my dermatologist put me on – was landscape painting. Recently though my daughter’s driving school in Burbank has enabled me to begin landscape painting again after over 8 months. Bringing her to her two hour class at the beginning of the evening I realized it would be silly to do the round trip to pick her up again. After a couple of classes I found we were a couple minutes from LA Equestrian Center. Not only was it a great place to sketch horses but the hills behind the center gave me a wonderful place to restart landscape painting. Figuring I might be a bit rusty after my time off I figured I’d start with monochromatic rust tones as my former landscape teacher had so appropriately suggested to focus on the most important aspect(values) then introducing color later.
As pretty much my usual I’ve used gouache as it’s the most direct & easiest to use in landscape for me. I’ve used 10 X 7 Windsor & Newton 140 lbs. water color paper in a spiraled pad.

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It is great you have take advantage of your free time my friend!.. great land scape! I should do one sometime.. and I love those fishes!.. I think you are right.. we are both early birds..

Comment by bog_art

Thanks Bogar! Just returned from the Central Coast and will have more to post soon.

Comment by Allen Capoferri

Nice! I was happy to see a landscape category here but I only see one. Did you stop? I’d like to see more. I like to draw landscapes as well, mostly bays/coves with the sunset in the background. Mostly pencil.

Comment by iamjoe

Oh btw, giving you the VBA award as well. =)

Comment by iamjoe

Thanks Joe,
I’m not certain why you saw only one. There are several in this category.
And…yes I have not done for some time as I’m focusing on what I do best. The top category. I’ve seen some great studio pencil landscapes.

Comment by nella32000

very pretty

Comment by passport2art

Thank you!🙂

Comment by Allen Capoferri

most of time, see you do sketch. nice to see you do sth else, and pls do more allen🙂

Comment by Fiona.q

I promise.

Comment by Allen Capoferri

A beautiful piece.

Comment by drawandshoot

Thanks again Karen!

Comment by Allen Capoferri

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