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Sketches from life & head
November 18, 2009, 11:49 pm
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As I promised a few posts ago here’s some sketches done a Sunday while at Santa Monica as well as other’s while sitting in hotel rooms sketching away. I’ve mentioned before Charlie Rose is one of the few shows I watch on television… right? In fact I watch nothing else ongoing. He always has interesting guests and conversations.

Seems I was tagged by my friend Jess a couple of posts ago. Have two & three…one I’ll finish soon.
Here are the stipulations that came with this award:
1. Choose 5 stand out blogs…. or as many as you desire.
2. Thank the blogger who gave you this Award. Thank you Jess!
3. Answer the questions below with only one word.
OK? Now do it!

*Where is your phone? Home
*Your hair? Brown
*Your Mother ? Home
*Your Father? Not
*Favorite food? Mediterranean
*Your dream last night? De Niro
*Favorite drinks? Wine
*Your dreams? Sketchbook
*What room are you in? Daughter’s
*Your hobby? Blogging
*Your fear? Highways
*Where do you want to be in six years? There
*Where were you last night? Bed
*Something you’re not? Unfriendly
*Muffins? Can’t
*Wish List Item? Contentment
*Last thing you did? Draw
*What are you wearing? PJ’s
*Your pets? Chippy
*Your friends? Somewhere
*Your life? Wonderful
* Your mood? Now?
* Missing someone? All
*Your vehicle? Hyundai
*Something you’re not wearing? Rings
*Your favour colour? Orange
*When was the last time you laughed? Mmm
*Last time you cried? Mmm
*Your best friend? Mmm
*One place you go over and over? Home
*One person that e-mails you? Daughter
*Favorite place to eat? Home

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Hey, I think your drawings look amazing and I'd like to follow you, and maybe you me. I'm trying to find sum folks that put up art commonly and Im happy to find you. hope you check me out.

Comment by Sterling

..enjoyed your work..INTERESTING and insightful.Robert Lau

Comment by Robert Lau

…went through the rest of your work…….You are a GENIUS!!Robert Lau…I am also at

Comment by Robert Lau

I'm blushing guys. Thanks.

Comment by Allen Capoferri

Really lively work, man. Very impressive.

Comment by Thomas Perkins

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