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August 12, 2010, 2:06 pm
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Here’s a funny story…There was this guy I’d run into every once in a while going to and from classes at Art Center College. He was friendly, one of the few people who’d say hello in recognition there. One day I turned on the T.V. and there he was being interviewed on the local news in the entertainment segment of the program. As I tuned in towards the end of the interview I could only gather he was an Illustration major (something I didn’t know) and made a short film for a class assignment that apparently turned out well. The film had been nominated to Cannes Film Festival’s short film category. The interviewer concluded the interview by asking him what grade he’d received. I was impressed by his ease in front of the camera. I would have been nervous.

It had been quite a while since I’d seen him the halls again. The next time I saw him coming down the hall he lifted his head, his eyes widened. I said “Hi”, wait, he was looking past me. I heard a girl behind me ecstatic with excitement. It was her he was greeting. I thought, “Oh”, a little embarrassed. Since then every time I see him in the halls people were always around him.

Later I was talking to a teacher, he mentioned this guy who made a film in his class. It was him. Come to find out he’s French, as in Cannes and comes from a well off family there. I thought, “Mmmm”.  I explained to my teacher as I had above. He replied apathetically  ” Fame changes everything”.


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There are so many people who are like that, but I’ve never understood why. What is it about a bit of fame that makes you act like a prat?


Comment by Kim Ayres

Hi Kim. I never could understand it either. This self delusional fantasy only ends with a fall.


Comment by nella32000

Thanks Everett!


Comment by Allen Capoferri

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