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Drawing Naked People
December 14, 2010, 10:54 pm
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The question of why life drawing is an established method of learning to draw practiced in most art schools has been brought up. The best answer I found is that we as humans, being as familiar as we are with the human body can gauge how well it is drawn better than any other living form. Above are quick five minute or less poses for gesture, the most important aspect of life drawing. One of the first things I posted on this blog and now hidden in it’s depths are life drawings.


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My wife was talking about life drawing classes today. Not only would she like to give it a go, she thought I might benefit from doing it as it could feed into my photography. Sounded like an interesting idea. If I do go down that route, I might ask you for thoughts and insights 🙂


Comment by Kim Ayres

Life drawing would be wonderful for her. Although no immediate practical benefit comes to my mind in relation to photography it would certainly benefit in increased sensitivity that’s derived from it. Someone I knew who was studying geology told me one of her professors recommended life drawing to benefit their studies in geology. Certainly there’s not much else I’ve done that’s taught me more humility.


Comment by nella32000

Hi Bente, Thank you!


Comment by Allen Capoferri



Comment by elenacaravelaElena Caravela

Hi Elena..thank you!


Comment by Allen Capoferri

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