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While considering a title for this post I remembered occasions in the past when I’d draw people in public. I’ve heard of different names for this kind of drawing people in natural settings. One is “Cafe Drawings”. Not really an appropriate name for where I draw though. The alternative is sitting in an art class with fifty or sixty other people drawing a model in a pose you may have seen a hundred times before…and they look like they’ve done it hundred times before. Although you learn it does get

You can only get good drawings of people in completely relaxed environments. People are different when they know their being observed. I’ve always been a people watcher and feel being a good observer is an essential ingredient to being a good artist. Something funny I recall is once I was at one of my favorite places, Huntington Gardens. I was on a bench drawing people at the entrance a few down from where tours of the garden were given. One conscientious tour person asked if I was waiting for a tour. I made the mistake of being forthcoming with her. She said “Are you telling them your drawing them?” I can only remember smiling. How would you respond to a question like that? Considering this I guess you could call this post “Surreptitious Sketching”.


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The only disadvantage is it seems you end up drawing a lot of backs of heads to avoid being seen 🙂


Comment by Kim Ayres

Yes I’ve seen this in my people drawings as well as other artists doing this kind of drawing..sides of heads. It’s not bad until most is backs.
There is a way around it though. Much of you do is taking a visual snapshot of the person. Once you know how to work with form you can do it. Like my post Mr. Sensitive. One has to make a conscious effort to avoid what you mentioned.


Comment by nella32000

I love your sketches – I can imagine them being stitched together to create a wonderful scene – or as an illustrated story book. I’d love to write one for them! congrats – your work is really evocative.


Comment by natbos

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