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Vis Dev A Fish Story

Above is a vis dev story beat for A Fish Story. For those of you not familiar with the terminology “vis dev” is short for visual development. A “story beat” is an important part of the story…one that “drives the characters”.  These are all terms in “previs” which is short for pre-visualization.

My daughter said the drawing reminded her of the “original Cinderella story. You know, the Chinese folktale?” I never heard of this.


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This has a wonderful sense of mood and story! I’m amazed at your skills in being able to do this with just a few pencil lines


Comment by Kim Ayres

Thanks Kim!


Comment by nella32000

I really love your sketches. I love the realism mixed with the fantastical edge of caricature—really, really lovely.


Comment by happygirl

Thank you! Cool blog by the way. I love SF.


Comment by nella32000

Hi Daniel…thanks again!


Comment by Allen Capoferri

I like to learn new things and I can always find something new here. Thanks.


Comment by gpcox

Thanks and…your welcome. I like your blog and posts too!


Comment by Allen Capoferri

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