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DreamPage…How I start my day
November 25, 2011, 11:35 pm
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Little Nemo in Slumberland

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You may go beyond your imagination great work here
nice post 🙂

Comment by jakesprinter

Thank you Jake!

Comment by nella32000

Thanks Redplace!

Comment by nella32000

Thank you Becky (littlestepsforalittleperson). Cool blog by the way!😀

Comment by nella32000

i see “EU” pops so often in this post.. why europe? and how you can be sure it’s europe, not any other places? lool.

p.s. i saw your handwriting (!) interesting, lovely😀

Comment by Fiona.q

Hi Fiona,
That’s a good question because I asked myself that. I felt when it came to a dream, being mine, it would be. Also we know those things, in this case Europe, are really just metaphors in dreams. It’s meaning is something else.
Thanks (about my handwriting).😀

Comment by nella32000

This is cool. Do you do a dream page every day as a kind of creative-mental warm up? Seems like an awesome way to start the day.

Comment by rebeccaannafaubion

Yes. With my morning coffee. It’s exactly that, kind of a creative-mental warm up.

Comment by nella32000

what’s your impression about Europe? and what things about Europe impress you most and make you like it?

Comment by Fiona.q

In the context of the dream and how it relates, I’m not certain, as that was on an unconscious level. Although I think your asking me in relation to what my impression was after living there awhile. Right?

Comment by nella32000


Comment by Fiona.q

Condensing for blog “comments”, generally I came away with a good feeling. I have to add though Europe is a continent with quite a number of nations with more or less their own distinct character and I was only in 4 of those. Some briefly. I think what impressed me most about what I’d seen was the acceptance of divergent ideas.

Comment by nella32000

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Comment by rubylovesed

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Comment by rubylikestrees

Oh that’s wow!

Comment by zelenetskaya


Comment by nella32000

Your drawing always …kind of… stirs my soul up. It brings out the daydream, the feeling of wanderous, the light and the dark, and some of the dangerous and unsafe feeling…
Thanks for giving me the strange feeling. I love your drawings.

P/s: Although I find it hard to read your handwriting, but you have a very luxurily beautiful handwritng.

Comment by Another Alice

Thank you Alice (for both:)! My writing, I guess is really inseparable from the work.

Comment by nella32000

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