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Space Travel…Close Encounters
December 29, 2011, 11:33 pm
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do you often dream about you are driving?

Comment by Fiona.q

Very observant Fiona…as I drive in Dreampage as well. As I was reading your question I remembered one other occurrence I drove in a dream since.
Are you considering being a psychologist? If not maybe you should consider it. You know just the right questions to ask.

Comment by nella32000


Comment by Kim Ayres

Thanks Kim!.

Comment by nella32000

Thanks Eldon and Lorna.

Comment by nella32000

hah, i’ve no interest to be a psychologist, just pay a little bit more attention to the people who interest me😉 on the other hand, if i dream at night, 95% is about i’m escaping from monster or bad people. i dont know why. :”(

Comment by Fiona.q

I had dreams of escaping monsters too although not anymore. I like the “crying face” at the end of your comment😀 I never saw that before!

Comment by nella32000

you know you are very cute, right?😉

Comment by Fiona.q

I hear it said occasionally.

Comment by nella32000

lool.. happy new year, friend!!

Comment by Fiona.q

Thank you Fiona!😀

Comment by nella32000

Thank you Said.

Comment by nella32000

Thank you Lobsterboy a.k.a. David.

Comment by nella32000

The designs floating in the page are very beautiful

Comment by alirthome

Thank you!

Comment by Allen Capoferri

Hi Mike, thanks again!

Comment by Allen Capoferri

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