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May 2, 2014, 12:41 am
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today copy

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Thank you, Thorsten, Andrea, Frank, Sawa, Wendy , Arkansas Hiker, Leanne, Mike, Andy, Andrea and Kendall.

Comment by Allen Capoferri

Very beautiful!!!!

Comment by west517

Hi Wendy, thank you.

Comment by Allen Capoferri

Thanks, everyone!

Comment by Allen Capoferri

Such a wonderful coastline. You have captured its magic with this photo. The panoramic format fits the subject perfectly.

Comment by Otto von Münchow

Thanks, Otto. This does work well, although it took seeing this with fresh eyes to make it so. By the way coming from you that’s a real compliment.

Comment by Allen Capoferri

The rocks on the beach add such a cool texture to the the smooth sand. I love this photo!

Comment by Dadicus Grinch

Thanks, Michael! This photograph, like a few others I’ve taken was nearly overlooked. It took a second look with some minor modifications.

Comment by Allen Capoferri

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