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Desert Bats

I could clearly see the desert environment in this sketch that I drew while waiting for the library to open. Sometimes it’s not so obvious.
One morning just as a gray of light was peeking over the horizon I took a walk. It was deserted and soundless except for the hum of streetlights. I rounded into a parking lot, where by then all you could see was a cloudy sky. Just then something flew silhouetted against that sky. I thought what kind of bird is that? When I asked myself that I realized it was no bird. It was flapping to stay aloft. Flapping like a bat. Then another. The silhouette was clear. The two were flying around right there not more than fifteen feet in the sky in front of me. Flying around as if they were playing. Now I know I said “cool”. Of course no one was there to hear me except the bats. I thought bats are more often found in deserts aren’t they? Well against that dark cloudy sky it felt like Transylvania.

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We have a bat that comes into our garden which we notice occasionally in the summer. :)

Comment by Kim Ayres

I wonder if it’s a seasonal thing. When I mentioned this to someone else she said she’d have summer visits by bats as well.

Comment by Allen Capoferri

*Folk Wisdom* Bats enter one’s ears and hence one must plug them when these mammals are around.

Comment by Personal Concerns

I’ll remember this wisdom for sure. :)

Comment by Allen Capoferri

Allen, I always appreciate it when you add commentary to your artwork–it actually makes me look a little closer at the piece. Very cool scene depicted here.

Comment by Dadicus Grinch

Thank you, Michael! I’ve noticed a propensity, not only in myself but a fair number of other folks in visual arts of not being very vocal. I’ve noticed myself becoming more communicative.

Comment by Allen Capoferri

Thanks, everyone!

Comment by Allen Capoferri

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