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More Sketching at Quail Hill

travelsketching copy

And with a turkey right around the corner I’d like to wish everyone a pleasant Thanksgiving.

Quail Hill


More Travel Sketching


Sketching closer to home. So I guess that’s less travel.

The next time I sketch this view it’ll be different. This quaint little town I moved to (that my neighbors tell me was quainter before) will soon be replaced with the sound of heavy construction machinery echoing from the hills.

Travel Sketching


Titled by same name of the class I teach, I find this kind of sketching to be fun.

unfinished trees

unfinished trees

I’ve always liked seeing artists work in progress (sometimes more than finished work). It shows the process of work, the thinking. I thought possibly others may enjoy it as well, like in this gouache sketch I did.

September 11, 2008, 3:04 pm
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Something I loved doing but stopped, in some ways due to sun & extreme heat of this summer and restrictions my dermatologist put me on – was landscape painting. Recently though my daughter’s driving school in Burbank has enabled me to begin landscape painting again after over 8 months. Bringing her to her two hour class at the beginning of the evening I realized it would be silly to do the round trip to pick her up again. After a couple of classes I found we were a couple minutes from LA Equestrian Center. Not only was it a great place to sketch horses but the hills behind the center gave me a wonderful place to restart landscape painting. Figuring I might be a bit rusty after my time off I figured I’d start with monochromatic rust tones as my former landscape teacher had so appropriately suggested to focus on the most important aspect(values) then introducing color later.
As pretty much my usual I’ve used gouache as it’s the most direct & easiest to use in landscape for me. I’ve used 10 X 7 Windsor & Newton 140 lbs. water color paper in a spiraled pad.

El Matador

My daughter and I drove up the coast highway to El Matador, my favorite place in California. I had to paint this dramatic view above a huge rock overlooking the Pacific.


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