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While considering a title for this post I remembered occasions in the past when I’d draw people in public. I’ve heard of different names for this kind of drawing people in natural settings. One is “Cafe Drawings”. Not really an appropriate name for where I draw though. The alternative is sitting in an art class with fifty or sixty other people drawing a model in a pose you may have seen a hundred times before…and they look like they’ve done it hundred times before. Although you learn it does get

You can only get good drawings of people in completely relaxed environments. People are different when they know their being observed. I’ve always been a people watcher and feel being a good observer is an essential ingredient to being a good artist. Something funny I recall is once I was at one of my favorite places, Huntington Gardens. I was on a bench drawing people at the entrance a few down from where tours of the garden were given. One conscientious tour person asked if I was waiting for a tour. I made the mistake of being forthcoming with her. She said “Are you telling them your drawing them?” I can only remember smiling. How would you respond to a question like that? Considering this I guess you could call this post “Surreptitious Sketching”.


Drawing Naked People
December 14, 2010, 10:54 pm
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The question of why life drawing is an established method of learning to draw practiced in most art schools has been brought up. The best answer I found is that we as humans, being as familiar as we are with the human body can gauge how well it is drawn better than any other living form. Above are quick five minute or less poses for gesture, the most important aspect of life drawing. One of the first things I posted on this blog and now hidden in it’s depths are life drawings.